Multiphysics CAE

Structural Mechanical Electrical Thermal Flow Acoustic Optical

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3D printing

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Welcome to ATOA Scientific Technologies 

ATOA is a group of companies with a vision to make engineering for all. ATOA stands for Atom to Application. ATOA currently offers, Multiphysics CAE services, Engineering Apps and 3D printing, through ATOA Scientific Technologies, ATOA Software Technologies and ATOA Smart Technologies, respectively. Our social mission is delivered through our ATOAST Jyothi Foundation. is  single point entry for all of our services and products.


Our Purpose

We want to be a Good, Great and Growth Company.

Good: Do Good for our Employees, Client and Humanity.

Great: Develop Great Technology.

Growth: Grow into a Billion Dollar Company by 2020.


Our Solution

Engineering Services, Specialty Multiphysics CAE for Innovation

Engineering Apps for Design on the Go

3D Printing for Faster Products